Q &A with Anna Johnston

Squishy Minnie 6 High St, KYNETON, VIC, Australia

Anna Johnston will be doing a Q & A session at Squishy Minnie Bookstore, Wednesday evening, 24th July at 6.30pm. Anna's first novel, The Borrowed Life of Frederick Fife, see here, is a funny and charming book that could melt even the hardest of hearts. It’s about an elderly man, exceptionally kind but lonely and facing homelessness, that […]

Stitch-iNspired Art Exhibition

Squishy Minnie Bookstore invites artists young and older to contribute art work inspired by the beautiful book Stitch. Drop off your artworks by 4 August. Exhibition opens 10 - 25 August “...everybody is different.This is what makes the world such a curious and interesting place."